MORTA SKULD – Surface LP 12″


Album 1997


Repulsive Echo Recs

A solid slab of midtempo oldschool(-ish) sounding death metal with a bit thrashy roots, occasional blastbeats (but only occasional and in no way overused), solid low death metal vocals (but not too low and still pretty comprehensible/decipherable), riff-based songwriting with solid riffs and moves (with some riffs being really really strong and memorable), rich song structures with quite some tempo changes and variations (but within variations riffing only – again, no gimmicks, but also perhaps a bit too “oldschoolishly” conservative), distinct verse/bridge/chorus distinctions, short and relatively simple solos, and general “to the point” attitude with almost all songs being ~4 minutes length, with no meandering or filler, and relatively same strength of all tracks, with almost no bright standouts (except, perhaps, for the opening number “The Killing Machines” that has some extra energetic “kick”) but definitely no weak/filler tracks.

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